XI Witold Lutosławski
International Cello Competition
Warsaw, January 30 - February 10, 2018


I. Organizer

The XI Witold Lutosławski International Cello Competition is organized by the Foundation for the Promotion of Young Cellists and will be held from January 30 to February 10, 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

II. Jury

1. The Jury of the Competition will consist of prominent musicians from Poland and abroad.

2. The Jury assesses the quality of the Contestants' performances according to its internal regulations.

III. Competitors

The Competition is open to cellists of all nationalities born after January 31, 1990.

IV. Applications - Submission Procedure

An online Application Form for participation in the Competition will be published at www.lutoslawski-cello.art.pl on October 15, 2017.

The online Application Form should be submitted not later than November 15, 2017.

A signed Application Form should be delivered by post to the Competition Secretariat not later than November 30, 2017 with the following enclosures:
- A photocopy of passport or birth certificate
- Copies of documents certifying the musical background/status of the Applicant
- Recommendation letter from a prominent cellist/professor
- An un-cut audio recording (CD)
- Proof of payment of 150 euro as entrance fee

An un-cut, clearly indexed audio recording on CD of the compositions listed below# must be submitted. The recording quality must comply with professional standards. The submitted recording will remain anonymous to the Evaluation Board appointed by Organizer. Therefore the CD containing the recording must be marked with a password (a freely chosen sequence of symbols) and should be visibly and legibly marked. The choice of candidates invited to participate in the Competition in Warsaw will be made on the basis of this recording after hearing by the Evaluation Board. The authenticity of the recording should be verified by a pedagogue or other musical expert (e.g. the recording producer or sound engineer). Failure to comply with the established program requirements will be ground for disqualification.

# Recording of the following pieces is required:
1. Johann Sebastian Bach - one Prelude from one Suite for solo cello
2. Witold Lutosławski - Sacher Variation
3. Carl Maria von Weber - Adagio and Rondo

Payment of 150 EUR (one hundred and fifty Euro) as entrance fee should be made to:

IBAN: PL67 1500 1012 1210 1004 3077 0000

V. Acceptance of Applications

1. The Applicants will be informed about acceptance or rejection of their application by December 15, 2017.

2. The registration fee, transfer fee subtracted, will be refunded to those who were not accepted.

3. In case of cancellation later than December 30, 2017, the entrance fee will not be refunded.

VI. Travel and Lodging Expenses

1. Each Contestant shall cover his/her travel and lodging expenses.

2. The Organisers will assist with hotel reservations on the Participant's request.

3. The Applicants are advised to check the current visa requirements for entrance into Poland. The Organizer will provide the necessary invitation letter if required.

VII. Order of Playing

1. The Contestants will play in alphabetical order.

2. The starting letter of the participants list will be established by the Organisers by a ballot and the order of appearances will be announced immediately after closing the list of participants.

3. The order of the Contestants' appearances will be maintained throughout the Competition.

1. Competitors have to present themselves at the Secretariat of the Competition by 4 p.m on the day prior to their scheduled performance date in the First Stage at the latest.
2. Contestants arriving late, owing to some important reasons, and presenting themselves at the Secretariat at least one day before the end of the First Stage may, by the decision of the President of the Jury, be given an audition outside the regular order of appearances, at the end of the First Stage.
3. The Organisers reserve the right to make alterations to the order of auditions within a single day, for organizational reasons. Should the Contestant become ill, and this has been confirmed by a medical service, he/she may be given consent for appearance to be shifted beyond the established order of appearances, to the end of the Stage. The new order thus created will be in effect through the Competition.
4. As a rule - no more than sixty Contestants will be admitted to the First Stage, twelve to the Second Stage, and four to the Final.

VIII. Competition Program

1. The competition will be in three stages; ; the performances in First and Second Stages will be open to the public.

2. Repertoire of the First Stage has to be played by heart. In the Second Stage - Grave by Witold Lutosławski has to be played by heart. In the Final Stage all concertos except Cello Concerto by Witold Lutosławski have to be played by heart.

3. At Stages I and II the Contestant may choose the order of playing his/her selections.

IX. Accompanying Pianists and Cellists

1. The Organizer will provide official pianists; they will be available to Contestants during the Competition.

2. The Organizer will provide official cellists to play the basso part of Sonatas by Luigi Boccherini; they will be available to Contestants during the First Stage of the Competition.

3. Before the First Stage the Contestant will have the right to rehearse 30 minutes with the pianist and 30 minutes with accompanying cellist.

4. Before the Second Stage the Contestant will have the right to rehearse for 2 hours with the pianist.

5. The contestants may also be accompanied by their own pianist and/or cellists at their expenses.

6. The finalists will have two rehearsals with orchestra.

X. Prizes and Awards

1. Statutory Prizes: Total amount of not less than 25, 000 euro will be distributed by the Jury among Prize Winners.

2. At the decision of the Jury the First Prize Laureate may receive the Grand Prix for an outstanding performance of Lutosławski`s Cello Concerto.

3. Special prizes will be awarded by the Jury.

4. The participants of the Second Stage who did not advance to the Final will be awarded a Diploma of Participation.

5. The Jury has the sole right to withhold awards of the special prizes and/or their amount.

6. Decisions of the Jury are final and no legal action may be taken against them.

1. All financial and other awards donated by institutions and private persons should be registered with the Director of the Competition by December 31, 2017
2. Awards accepted by the Competition will be announced as the extra statutory awards.
3. Financial awards will be paid in Polish currency, irrespectively of the currency in which they were deposited.

XI. Award Ceremony

1. The statutory prizes and awards will be presented to awardees at the Concert of Laureates on February 10, 2018.

2. All other non-statutory awards will be presented separately on the same day.

XII. Other Regulations

1. The official language is English.

2. The Organisers of the Competition reserve unrestricted rights to broadcast, videotape, television, film, and audio recordings of the competition performances.

3.All issues beyond the competence of the Jury will be decided by the Director of the Competition. The Director's decisions are final and irrevocable and no legal action may be taken against them.